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No Longer Live. Thank you replay viewers, I did these lessons just for you.

Today’s Video : Introduction to chart widget.
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Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8Htdyr-HlY

Generally, on all social channels, BeautyBubble® is a purée of beauty, technology, financial markets, fashion & books. You could categorize this outreach as trading well leads you to living well.

In this video we will walk through the BabyPips.com site, the beginners guide to FX trading. With a special focus on cryptocurrency charting. This is a rapid fire run through of the course modules and how to navigate the site for maximum results. At times the video may be in “audio only” or in pause for breaks approximately every ten to fifteen minutes.

Content Value : On a scale of one to ten, there has been no preparation or script written and the quality of production is very low, so it has been pre-rated at a two.

There is no affiliation with BabyPips.com or TradingView.com, and none should be implied by reference or tone of my voice or in the editing of this video. Should there be an affiliate relationship where commissions or considerations are made to the creator, you the viewer will be made completely aware here in the description, the voice over and social channels that I frequent and post openly.

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DISCLAIMER. Please be advised that all content in the charts shown is meant for ENTERTAINMENT AND EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Trading the stock, bond, currency, cryptocurrency, commodity and futures markets can be rewarding but is also risky. Be aware that you can lose money and in some ways lose more than you have. It can also be profitable but not without significant risks. You are responsible for your own independent investment transactions. The charts shown are NOT to serve as an investment advisory service. I highly encourage you to seek professional advice in regard to your own financial decisions. Information you MAY get from any chart shown and it’s further discussion in chatrooms or forums may not reflect my opinions. The charts shown and their content is NOT a solicitation, nor an offer for professional investment advice NOR is it an offer to buy or sell stock(s), bond(s), currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities and/or futures.

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