What is Bitcoin? (2019)

This video is about bitcoin, which is a cryptocurrency. You might want to know, what is bitcoin? In this video, bitcoin is explained in detail for beginners. The blockchain for btc is complicated, but purchasing bitcoin can be accomplished through Coinbase, making bitcoin easy to use for beginners. The crypto space has a lot of information to learn, which is why this video is about how to buy bitcoin, since it is a new technology / tech.
This video contains brief information about how to use a bitcoin wallet, the different ways to do mining, and more. A beginner does not need a lot of education about the finer details of cryptography, hash function or the math about Bitcoin and How Cryptocurrencies Work since that is too complex for a new beginner. However, you will learn that bitcoin is a digital currency, specifically a decentralized cryptocurrency, which is a peer-to-peer ledger, also known as a blockchain, which is a block of information which can sync with other blocks around the world, using a digital wallet instead of money or other forms of currency. The economics and mathematics of the BTC network and its security is a fascinating topic, which includes secret private keys, public keys, signing and encrypting the user data. Using Bitcoins can involve network delays, hash / hashing and SHA256 among other topics.
Unfortunately, law enforcement organizations like the NSA (part of the US government) do not always approve of the use of this currency. It is difficult for them to brute force the blockchain to get data about transactions on the blockchain. However, there are miners who like this privacy, as well as avoiding inflation and the convenience of not needing to use a physical object like gold, making BTC a model form of privacy protecting currency.

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