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This course is perfect for those who have a basic understanding of cryptocurrency trading or who are already trading cryptocurrencies.
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This course covers the creation of four strategies in a step-by-step manner, and we will do this in Python. In the first section of the course, we will learn about an unsupervised learning algorithm called K-Means. This machine learning model is used to detect patterns in the data without explicitly labeling the data. We will learn how to code this model and use it in a trading strategy to capture market trends.

In the next section, we will learn to create a pairs trading strategy. Pairs trading is a very popular trading strategy used in the Forex markets. In this section, we will learn how to apply this concept on different cryptocurrencies and create a trading strategy.

In the third section, we will learn about a statistical technique called the Hurst exponent. It is used to determine the persistence of a time series. We will learn how to calculate Hurst exponent and use it in a trading strategy to trade both trending and sideways markets.

The final section covers a quant strategy framework. This framework is used to develop a long-only momentum trading strategy on a group of cryptocurrencies.

All these strategies are available as downloadable Python codes which you can tweak and use in your own trading after thorough backtesting and analysis.

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