Metal Pay App (MTL) Overview of “Libra Killer”

An overview of the new Metal Pay app and their native cryptocurrency, metal (MTL) –

Metal Pay claims to be the “Libra-Killer” and aims to grow bigger than Bitcoin. In this video, you will learn about Metal Pay and how you can get $6 worth of MTL for FREE.

Metal Pay is the first all-in-one solution for cryptocurrency management that allows beginners, and experts alike, to get into cryptocurrency quickly and easily.

Most of the available bitcoin management applications are fragmented – some allow you to store cryptocurrency, while others offer a cryptocurrency exchange with a difficult registration process.

Metal Pay has created a simple, easy-to-use platform with a wide array of features including a cryptocurrency exchange, seamless integrations with traditional banks, and Venmo-like pay/request capabilities.

From buying, selling, sending, receiving, and using cryptocurrency, the Metal Pay app aims to increase adoption of blockchain technology among common people.

Marshall Hayner – the previous co-founder of QuickCoin who helped build Stellar, Dogecoin, and – and Erik Finman – who is famous for being the world’s youngest bitcoin millionaire – and a team of people without experience from Amazon, Apple, the Federal Reserve, and similar are at the helm of this new venture.

The team believes Metal Pay has a rare opportunity, as the first all-in-one cryptocurrency platform to become bigger and more usable than Bitcoin and Facebook’s impending Libra currency.

This video walks through downloading the iOS Metal Pay app, setting up an account, and checking out all the interesting features this platform has to offer.

Follow along step-by-step to set up an account and get a feel for what Metal Pay is all about.


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