Cryptocurrency for Beginners

Hi guys, today we talk some more about knowledge of Cryptocurrency for beginners. It is not uncommon to find cryptocurrency YouTubers simply talking about crypto in a manner that assumes every viewer is learned in the space and so I have decided to create a segment called ‘Questions about Crypto’ in the hope that I can answer some of the many common questions about crypto. Bitcoin and many Alt coins are already quite popular with so few people actually knowing the workings of them and so I hope this segment gets to add some value. Just imagine if you had bitcoin explained to you or cryptocurrency explained to you in a way that makes it all make sense even as a beginner. It doesn’t matter if your question is as simple as ‘what is bitcoin’ or ‘how to buy bitcoin’, it’s simply down to you taking action today.
What can you do? – Simple…Simply drop a comment in the comment section on ANYTHING about cryptocurrencies you would like to learn about, and I’d work on shooting a video to answer it. Fun fact is I get to learn about cryptocurrencies as well as I make no claim to know everything about this space.

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**DISCLAIMER**- I am not a financial advisor and none of this is financial advice. I am sharing my biased opinion based on speculation. Everything I say and do on this channel is based on my own research and my own personal bias. You should endeavor to do your own research to the fullest before you take on any investments. Please note that this description contains affiliate links that I receive incentives for should you choose to use them at no cost to you.

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