Hardware Wallet Guide | Setup & Add Cryptocurrency [ Trezor Hardware Wallet ]

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Hardware Wallets | Long Term Storage & Large Amounts of Cryptocurrency

In my opinion, a hardware wallet is one of the best methods of storing cryptocurrency for long periods of time. For long term storage, one of the safest methods to store your cryptocurrency would be a hardware wallet. A hardware wallet is like a vault for cryptocurrency. It stores your cryptocurrency offline, requires a PIN code, and can only be accessed using private keys or seed code that you personally setup.

Hardware wallets are small electronic devices that looks similar to a usb thumb drive, and requires a pin and private seed keys to access your cryptocurrency. They are only online when the device is connected to access the cryptocurrency servers. Otherwise, they remain in offline mode where they are nearly impossible to hack, and have several security measures to keep your cryptocurrency secure.

The brand of hardware wallet I use is called a Trezor. The trezor is higher quality than many of the other hardware wallets, and has great tools and resources for you to use on the Trezor website.

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