How to place an order with BitPrime to buy & sell cryptocurrency

We make buying and selling cryptocurrency easy!
At BitPrime, we do all the hard work behind the scenes to make cryptocurrency easily accessible. When you buy from us, we send your coins directly to your wallet. Unlike an exchange or brokerage, we don’t keep our customer’s coins in our wallets – giving you extra peace of mind that your funds cannot be frozen or stolen like they can be if an exchange or brokerage is compromised. We pride ourselves on our expert support and advice and are happy to assist should you have any questions.
If you just want to learn how to sell crypto, skip to 3:29
About BitPrime:
NZ owned, operated, and a registered financial service provider, BitPrime is the country’s most trusted cryptocurrency retailer. BitPrime differs from traditional exchanges and brokerages as you buy directly from their reserves and store your coins in your own wallet. We make buying and selling cryptocurrency easy and secure. For more information, or to join us visit

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