Last Week in Crypto - Wall Street Becomes Crypto-Fearless (Ethereum Undervalued!)

This is the second episode of a weekly cryptocurrency news series called Last Week in Crypto.

We cover the latest global news stories affecting the cryptocurrency markets July 12th through 17th of 2020.

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======== TABLE OF CONTENTS ========

00:00 - Introduction
00:13 - Get $50 Worth of Crypto for FREE with
01:33 - Bitcoin Price Movement
02:15 - Top Gainers
02:48 - Chainlink Becomes the ‘Tesla’ of Cryptocurrency
03:20 - Ethereum Tokens are Now More Valuable than Ethereum Itself
05:00 - New Class of Crypto Assets with Outperform Bitcoin & Ethereum
05:58 - Quarter 2 DeFi Report from ConsenSys
07:00 - Amount of ETH Locked in DeFi
07:10 - Ethereum is Beating Bitcoin in More Ways than One
07:50 - Wall Street Loses its Fear of Bitcoin
09:01 - Grayscale Quarter 2 Digital Asset Report
09:53 - Crypto Trading in India Sees 400% Jump During COVID Lockdown
10:31 - Get Involved in the Cryptocurrency Industry
11:33 - Highest Number of Australians Tap Retirement Accounts Due to COVID
12:20 - Small Village in El Salvador Adopts Bitcoin as Money
14:12 - PSA About Twitter Hack & Bitcoin Scams

======== VIDEO SUMMARY ========

Hello, I’m Crypto Casey and welcome my new video series: Last Week in Crypto.

In this episode we will talk about what happened in the market, the market cap of decentralized applications on Ethereum, what’s happening in the DeFi asset class, how institutional investors are absolutely flocking to crypto in droves, and what that means for the future value of the cryptocurrency market at large.

Bitcoin’s 7 day moving average was about -0.9%, and Ethereum at -3.7% overall.

And looking at the charts it’s just been steady, uneventful sideways movement staying between a narrow range of $9,100 and $9,300.

Chainlink was described as becoming the ‘Tesla’ of cryptocurrency.

Ethereum-based tokens are now collectively valued at $33 billion, while Ethereum’s market cap sits at around $27 billion.

Ethereum, the second most valuable cryptocurrency after bitcoin, has almost doubled in value so far this year..

2020 has marked a big shift in attitudes in cryptocurrency from Wall Street and when it comes to the US dollar, the apocalyptic vibe has shaken the faith of the most faithful - and turned the bitcoin-fearful into the crypto-fearless.


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